In The Garden: The Bunny Hop!

The Easter Bunny hops!” N. All-Stars.  To celebrate Easter, Dragonflies and All-Stars were hopping bunnies to plant flowers and hide eggs in the “garden box.”  Students were instructed to pretend to be a colored bunny of their choice.  Blue, black, red, white, and pink were some popular choices.  I demonstrated hopping high and hopping far.  I asked each student to choose to hop far or high.  In both classes, students were split on both options.  We lined up behind the start line as two teams and one by one hopped with an egg shaker (pretend flower/egg) to put in the garden box and hop back.  With “The Garden Song” by Charlotte Diamond, the students stayed with their choice of hopping far or high and worked hard to cross the room and back.  I had enough instruments for students to go for a second round of hopping.  Several students were very focused in hopping with two legs and made sure that their egg got into the box. Some students were crawling or dragging their legs while walking with their hands; they needed some assistance to put their body in the hop position.

I originally planned a race to encourage quick hoppers and to see which team had more eggs in their box.  The students themselves mostly placed all their eggs in one basket!  Haha.   The students needed the teachers to call out their names for their turns to hop and did not really care for the race.  This was a great hopping activity to work on hopping with two legs across a large distance, imaginary play as a colored bunny holding a plant/egg, and holding an object while hopping.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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