Ninja Tag.

“Ninjas are sneaky and quiet.”  We had a martial arts class demonstration three weeks ago at “Culture-in-Focus: China Party” of what the students learned: bow, punches, kicks, blocks, and combinations.  After warming up with our familiar material, we played “Ninja Tag.”  One student is chosen to be it and wears a blindfold to aid in keeping their eyes closed.  The lights are also turned off to make the room darker.  Unable to see, they have to rely on their ears to listen to their sound of their classmates.  Other students sneaked around the person who is it and tried not to be tagged.  When the person who is it said, “kiai,” all the students responded with a loud “kiai.”  This gave the person who is it, a directional sound of where to find students to tag.  The person who is tagged becomes the person who is it.

Fireflies, Owls, and Labs had so much fun being sneaky ninjas.  Some students giggled and could not help laughing as they tried to walk by the person who was it.  They got tagged quickly.  There were several students who were brave to put on the blindfold and trusted that they were safe.  This game tested students listening skills by walking toward the direction of the “kiai.”  After hearing the “kiai,” the person who was it went toward the sound’s location and tagged another student immediately.  Many of the students grasped the concept of walking around quietly and slowly to avoid being caught.  That is a lot of discipline and focus to stay quiet for a whole game!  Several students were so proud of being a sneaky ninja who did not get tagged.  They are on their way of being a ninja master!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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