Music Therapy Conference: “Jammin’ on the Bayou”

Today, tomorrow, and Saturday, I am attending the Southwestern American Music Therapy Association (SWAMTA) conference in downtown Houston!  I am so excited to learn more about what is happening on the national and local level, take away ideas, and meet other music therapists.  It’s my first SWAMTA Conference and I love that all the sessions’ Powerpoint presentations have been provided in a booklet for us.  So organized and easy to follow!

Here are some highlights from tonight’s opening banquet from the AMTA executive director:

* music therapy awareness is rolling on momentum from 2011 from the movie The Music Never Stopped, the book Sing You Home by Jodi Picolt, and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords work with a music therapist in Houston, TX.

* Music Therapy licensure legislation signed into law in Nevada and North Dakota.  These are the first two states that have created the first-ever music therapy license through the North Dakota Board of Integrative Health and Nevada State Board of Health.  Congratulations!

* On O*Net Online, music therapist is now a stand alone occupation.  It used to be listed under other categories.  More research and data is being collected to complete the profile.  Click here to view it.  Whoo!

* AMTA received a legacy gift of $400,00 and created the Wilson Trust Music Therapy Project: Bridging The Sound Through Music Therapy.  There are 12 music therapists in Seattle, WA.  To increase the number of music therapists, music therapy services, and music therapy awareness in Seattle, this project invites music therapists to submit project plans, request for funding, and to include ways they would pay it forward through service to their music therapy colleagues.  Therapists are getting more educational training, equipment and instruments, and creating practicum sites for music therapy students.  This project provides funding for music therapy services in hospitals and schools.  Click here to read more.

It’s going to be a musically great time “Jammin’ on the Bayou”!


About Hilary Yip

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