“I Bought Me A Cat”

Welcome back to school after spring break!

Many preschool classes were and are learning about animals in March.  “I Bought Me A Cat” is a fun animal song with animal sounds.  I took the original outline of the Aaron Copland song and adapted it to new animals and my students.  Seals, Ducks, Bears, Elephants, All-Stars, Kangaroos, and Dragonflies all worked on manipulating their hand puppet or stuffed animal, vocalizing the animal sound twice, and sequencing when it was their turn to speak.  For some students, vocalizing the sound twice was difficult while others had trouble remembering what animal they had in their hands.  They wanted to make the animal sound of the animal next to them.  It took great amount of attention and memory skills to follow the sequence to know what sound to make when it was their turn.

I had some usual barn animals and some different characters: cat, dog, cow, pig, horse, duck, frog, lion, elephant, owl, and friend.  In the traditional song, the cat goes “fiddle-lie-fee.”  To complete the song, I sang the “fiddle-lie-fee” phrase after the student with the cat goes “meow-meow.”

The song starts with the cat:

I bought me a cat,
My cat pleased me,
I feed my cat under yonder tree.
My cat goes meow-meow.

I bought me a dog,
My dog pleased me,
I feed my dog under yonder tree.
My dog goes woof-woof.
My cat goes meow-meow.

The song continues by adding another animal with their sound and sequencing it to the animals before it.  Below is a video of the All-Stars and all the characters of the song.  I’m in Texas and friends say “Howdy!”

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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