The Parish School Ninjas!

A martial arts belt signifies the completion of one rank and readiness to advance to the next rank; it is earned and not given.  During a belt exam, students are tested on material they have learned, perseverance, and overall effort of the movements.

In the martial arts classes at The Parish school, the elementary students earned their belt by demonstrating control, coordination, imitating my movements, effort, accuracy, discipline, and focus.  They punched, kicked, breathed, stretched, sequenced, push-upped, slapped out, kiai-ed and copied me.  Over the past seven months, I have seen almost all the students grown in concentration, coordination, fluidity, sequencing, movement, and overall calmness of their bodies in martial arts class.  There are several students who are silly in the group martial arts setting and when worked with one-on-one, they have the focus and coordination to follow the instructions.

I chose red belts to give to students because red is a lucky color in the Chinese culture.  Red is a color of strength, power, and energy.  In addition, it matches our dragon for our dragon dance at the Culture-in-Focus: China party this Wednesday.  The red belts and the Parish School uniform unifies the students as a team working together.  We are The Parish School Ninjas!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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