Young Lion Dancers

As we approach our Culture-in-Focus: China celebration on March 7th, all classes are experiencing both the dragon dance and lion dance.  For the preschool students, they are exposed to the lion head and dragon head so when they see the elementary parade, they are prepared.  I expect some preschool students would say they want to do it when they see the parade and we can tell them that they have!  I expect some preschool students to be afraid and anxious because it is something new, thus I have been preparing them in music with touching the head and trying the dance.  It has been about a three-week experience and many preschool students who were scared and afraid, now say it’s not so scary.  They are less anxious and are touching and dancing under the lion head!  There are some who are still scared.















I have shown videos of the lion dancers dancing and eating lettuce in front of stores for good luck.  While we were dancing, C. All-Stars asked for lettuce to feed the lion that was dancing.  I love how he remembered the detail and asked to do it in music!  Taking his idea, I shared to my classes that they can “feed” the lion with green scarves.  A. Mustangs took the idea to be the leader of the lion and for the lion to follow him.  There were several students who was the “leader” and directed the lion where to dance.  The Wranglers and Mustangs took to the idea of dancing lion feet.  Through this new lion dance experience, classes are bonding together in coordination, teamwork, and taking turns.

Enjoy the video!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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