Chinese Scrolls: Good Luck!

I have had several parents ask me this week about “the red paper with Chinese words” their student brought home.  Some students told their parents it was for good luck while some said they had no idea what it was.  One student even told his parent that some other student made it and he took it home.  Click here to read a previous post about painting Chinese scrolls with Heroes, Owls, Wranglers and Mustangs.








These Chinese scrolls are hanging by the doors of the music room, drama room, art room, and library as part of our Culture in Focus month.  Students have noticed them and read the Chinese pronunciation and definition posted under each scroll.  The scroll is to be hung in the home by the door, usually paired with another scroll to wish good luck to come inside and bad luck to stay outside.  Red is a good luck color in Chinese culture.  In music, students had the opportunity to color their own lucky Chinese scroll. The students had the choice of “gong hay fat choy” (may you prosper) and “sun nian fie lok” (happy new year).  During our Chinese activity, I taped a white note on the back of the Chinese scroll with the Chinese pronunciation and meaning.  All the students worked hard following the numbered directions, filling in the space of the characters, and finding the numbers in the spaces.

We have watched videos of lion dances holding the scroll in their mouths at the end of the dance to wish everyone good luck.  After they were done with their scroll, D. Fireflies had an idea to imitate the lion and all the Fireflies followed his idea.  We wish good luck to The Parish School community!


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