Mark and Paint Good Wishes: Chinese Scrolls











As we continue learning about the Chinese culture, Elementary students are working on making Chinese scrolls this week.  I shared that these scrolls are placed on the opposite side of the door to usher in good luck to those who enter and for good luck to enter.  I create outlines of the Chinese characters to give students a framework to work within.  With each character, I labeled the strokes in a numerical order and drew a directional line to follow.  With this activity, students worked on their number skills, fine motor skills, and patience.  Some students demonstrated such fine detailing in creating each stroke while other students looked at the big picture.  Utilizing markers, there were variations on the traditional Chinese scroll.  Students requested for me to write their name in Chinese, that’s another lesson for next week!

Today, the Owls and Heroes had a special combined class where the Art Teacher and I led a Chinese painting scroll class.  I demonstrated how to hold the brush with a Chinese brush hold: middle finger and thumb pinch the brush, fourth and fifth finger tucked behind the brush and the pointer finger resting on top on the same side as the middle finger.  Some students were successful in holding it while others found it quite different and not right for them.  I showed them how to paint while gracefully moving the wrist in different directions.  With a magic paint board, I painted the numbers one to ten in Chinese.  Then students picked to write either scroll: “May you prosper” or “Happy new year.”  With permanent ink and brush in hand, they worked with delicacy to follow the numbered directions and the outline.  With successful completion of each scroll, students asked to bring them home or even to hang them up in the classroom.  Good Luck, we welcome you at The Parish School!


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