Young Dragon Dancers





As we continue our dragon exploration, some of the younger classes watch the lion dance and dragon dance videos posted here.  This week, the Seals, Elephants, Bears, Dragonflies, Kangaroos, and Busy-Bees learned about dragon and lion dances.  I also showed my toy lion head and some students pet it, feeling the soft fur and cardboard head.  When I did not have access to the large monitor screen, I talked about the dances and demonstrated how the lion dances with my toy lion and arm.


Watching the three videos, the students watched in awe of the animal’s jumps, tricks, and balances.   From the videos, the students saw teamwork in action as people worked together to make their animal dance.  J. Kangaroos said, “They look cute!”  J. Kangaroos said, “I want to dance.”  Many of the students worked on the concept of being underneath the red fabric, holding it up with their hands, and walking together as a group.  The amazing transformation was seeing how students would fight over seats or over friends when walking in the room or choosing where to sit, then when they were underneath the dragon’s body, they all worked together to move as one big dragon.   The dragon dance has helped students be a unit, circling around the room together, and following the leader.  Some of the students were scared of the dragon and are learning that the dragon is good luck, scaring away the scary thoughts.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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