Happy Founder’s Day, Parish School!

Today The Parish School classes celebrated the 100th day of school!  Students made and decorated lovely crowns and counted to 100 in different ways (consecutive numbers, skip numbers).  In conjunction with the 100th festivities, The Parish School celebrated Founder’s Day in honor of Robbin Parish, the founder of the school.

At our Founder’s Day celebration, the Head of the School shared the life of Robbin Parish.  In summary, as a child Parish did not like school because she felt she was not smart enough and it was just no fun.  In the summer, Parish went away to summer camp and she loved it!  She loved all the camp activities and thought camp was so much fun.  When she went back to school, she always remembered how she liked summer camp.  When she went to college, Parish studied education and how children learn best.  Still thinking about the fun she had at summer camp, she decided to open a school that had a camp feeling to help children find how they learn best and have fun learning at the same time.  She passed away  two years ago and we celebrate Founder’s Day on her birthday to remember her and thank her for creating our school.












With the Principal and Head of the School, I led The Parish School Song.  The Elementary students sang proudly and loudly to show their school spirit.  Afterwards we planted trees, made thank you cards for Robbin’s family, and enjoyed cookie cake with lemonade.  Thank you Robbin Parish for creating such an amazing school for students to learn how they learn and have fun learning!


You can practice The Parish School Song with your student.  Many of them are singing the words in blue and some of them know how to sing the entire song.


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