Dragon Coloring Page: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red!















After developing a hoarse voice from all the cheering and talking at the Gala, I planned some dragon activities that did not require too much vocal use on my part.  After learning about Chinese culture, the Wranglers and Ants sat down to do some coloring.  What did we color?  Dragons!








I taught them that in the Chinese culture, red is the color of good luck.  Yellow is also a good luck color.  Then some of the asked about each of their own favorite colors and if they were good luck.  M. Wranglers, “How about pink?”  C. Wranglers, “Is blue good luck?”  We decided that all the colors are good luck together and red has the most good luck.  The students learned that dragons protect the wind, sea, and land, scaring away the Unthinkables (bad thoughts) and bring in good thoughts.  During our coloring activity, students worked on sharing the markers, cleaning up after themselves, and writing their names.  Some students finished coloring quickly and did some dancing to the background Chinese bamboo music.


Here are some dragon coloring pages.  The students colored the first one you see here.

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