Passport to Adventure Gala!








Congratulations to all the pre-auction bidders on Wednesday, January 25th and the bidders at the Gala on Saturday, January 28th!  Thank you parents, friends, and staff members for bidding.  A special thank you to the twenty parents who placed a bid for the singing birthday telegrams for their students!  I am ecstatic to surprise (or not surprise) students on their birthdays by singing to them in their classrooms with balloons and a party hat.  Thank you for bidding for the martial arts birthday party and I am looking forward to the high energy punching and kicking celebration of a birthday student.  I love birthday festivities!  Congratulations to the winners to the front row seats to the Elementary musical in May.  It will be a show to be remembered!






The Passport to Adventure Gala at the Hilton hotel was a grand event, bidding at the auctions, seeing and meeting teachers and parents, and recognizing Eddie Goldsberry with the Golden Oak Award.  What a fantastic night out to celebrate the miracles that happen at The Parish School!











While mingling with parents and teachers, I was drawn to the auction items.  I really enjoyed bidding at the Silent Auction!  People were placing their stickers so quickly at large amounts and the atmosphere was buzzing with numbers.  Successful, I won tickets to Da Camera of Houston, hotel stay, and dinner!










During the Live Auction, it was such joy to see parents raising their paddles to win the coveted priceless cottage projects: sandbox, oil painting, quilt, and Adirondacks chairs.  When paddles were continuously waved to donate for tuition assistance, I teared up at the generosity of the Parish community and how supportive spouses, parents, and friends are of the education at Parish.  Not everyone can afford the tuition at Parish and finances should not be the reason to deny a student of early intervention.  It is truly heart-warming to see the growth of all our students.

It has been five months at the Parish School, and I love the Intra Curricular Activities Teachers (ICATs) family (picture missing librarian)!  We have such a blast discovering and cultivating the self-esteem, self-confidence, and creativity of our students through art, p.e., computers, music,  drama, and library.  More than just three words: Arts inspire learning.

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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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