Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese new year!  Today is start of the year of the dragon, the only mythical creature of the Chinese zodiac.  This is the year for new beginnings, good fortune, and abundance.  Dragons are powerful, scaring away evil spirits and bringing in good luck.

The Bears, Elephants, Busy-Bees, Wranglers, and Ants practiced their dragon faces and breathing out fire today for our Chinese New Year song and activities.  As dragons, we danced with ribbons to Chinese bamboo flute music.  The Elephants have been so creative in movement and they placed the ribbons on their backs and made it into a dragon’s tail!  I took that idea and shared it with the rest of my classes today and they all really liked it!  We spun, twirled, and flew as dragons around the room!

Here are the words to my Chinese New Year song:
Happy Chinese new year.
Gong hay fat choy.
May you prosper.
Year of the dragon.

“Gong hay fat choy” is Chinese for “May you prosper,” which is a wish said upon greeting someone during the new year celebration.  We wish our friends, families, and others to prosper in wealth, family, and career.

Here is a video of the Wranglers singing the song.


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