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The Kangaroos, All-Stars, and Fireflies worked on their listening and dancing skills with scarves and keyboard.  Listening to me play the keyboard, they moved on tip-toes and waved their scarves high to the high notes; stomped and waved scarves low to the low notes.  Some of the Kangaroos and All-Stars loved wearing their scarves and dancing to the music rather than waving the scarf.  Their favorite was waving it from low to high when listening to the piano glissando.  The Fireflies interpreted the low notes as being on the ground and we ended with them lying on their scarves.












Today, the Labs were introduced to Chinese New Year, learning that loud noises scare away evil spirits and bad luck.   I showed them my lion head and explained how we will parade around the school with a human-sized one.  With the parade, we have dancers and musicians, thus we had to practice the music portion.  We played drums and cymbals together, following my rhythms, and then each others’.  The Fireflies also practiced playing the drums and cymbals to help tell a story.  In lion dances, the music provides movement cues to the dancers and helps shape the story.  We had a few students play instruments with me while the rest of the class acted our story about a dragon rescuing a princess back to her family.  They loved acting and listening to the music for their movement cues!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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