Run for A Reason! Team Parish.

The Parish School is an official charity of the 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon and I joined this team (my school) to raise money for tuition assistance scholarships.  More than 30 students are awarded scholarships each year.  Thank you to those who supported me and helped me raise $700 for The Parish School!  In total, Team Parish raised over $24,000 for students with language and learning differences.

You can still give until February 15, 2012, by visiting my fundraising page:  The students thank you!

Today, I ran the Armaco Houston Half-Marathon, my first half-marathon!  I had set a goal of 2:10:00 in September when I first moved to Houston and started training.  Then I experienced the illnesses of a first year teacher working with children, colds and flu, throughout the fall semester.  By the time my health recovered in December, I was quite behind in my training and getting worried about the half-marathon.  I made a schedule to run while home in California and cross trained in martial arts.  Then I set a realistic goal of running (no walking or taking a break) a time of 2:30:00.  I am proud to report that with inhaler in hand, I ran all 13.1 miles with four stops for water/Gatorade with a time of 2:30:01!  I did it!

The sea of 28,000 runners at 7:00am combined with a cheering crowd of over 250,000 made the run so much fun.  There were hilarious signs, “Worst parade ever,” “Chuck Norris never ran a half-marathon,” and great bands playing music from Elvis to Katy Perry throughout the course.  I was smiling most of the race because I was so enjoying watching the runners, listening to the crowd, and having a fantastic run.  Throughout the run, I reflected on the wonderful 5 months I have been at Parish, sang songs in my head, and coached myself on pacing.  It has been a long athletic journey for me and I am very proud of coming from barely able to run a mile in middle school (11:32 mile) to a cross-country/track runner in high school (6:15 mile) to completing my first half-marathon.  Yay!  Next year, the full marathon. 🙂

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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