“Get Well Soon” and Ocean Drum.

One of the staff members had a car accident over break, resulting in a broken leg and resting at home for the next couple of months.  The Kangaroos wrote and sang a get well soon song for their para-educator, in addition to all the cards and pictures they drew her.  They picked the adjectives to describe her and what to say in our song.  N. Kangaroos drew a monster for her around the word love.  We recorded them singing and will send her the video to send warm wishes.


I had planned a drumming activity with the All-Stars. J. All-Stars pointed to the Ocean Drum in the bin and said he wanted that one, which was not one of the hand drum choices.  Being super flexible, we changed activities because of many student’s curiosity to the large drum.  Each All-Star experienced the calmness of the Ocean Drum, watching the beads roll and the soothing sounds of continuous rhythmic waves.  Each student visually tracked the rolling bead movements while I played slow harmonic and rhythm background music to follow their playing.







The same event happened with the Fireflies about the Ocean Drum.  By the order of the fire marshal, we had to take down our curtains that cover the instruments.  D. Fireflies noticed the large Ocean Drum on the shelf and said we should play it.  Inspired with what happened earlier in the day, I decided the Ocean Drum is what we will explore during instrument play.  I played the Ocean Drum above each of their heads and watched their eyes visually tracked the beads as they rolled around in the drum.  They said it was a “cool” instrument, “like being at the beach,” and we should play it again.






The Labs are an active class and after some singing and listening to music, we had dance time.  Listening to recorded Chinese bamboo flute music, some Labs and I took turns leading the group in one movement.  Some movements we did were: kicking our feet up with the fast parts, lowering and raising our arms to the scales, tip-toeing around the room, waving like a tree, and holding a pose.  Seeing what and how they choose to move their bodies with music helps me in planning their role in the Spring Musical.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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