A Scarf: House, Outfit, and Bed.

Scarves were the theme of today’s Creative Movement class with the Kangaroos.  So colorful and versatile, the scarves made great houses, outfits, and beds.  I introduced “Wee Willie Winkle” activity of moving (eg. running, walking, tip-toeing) with a candlestick, knocking at a “window”, calling at a “lock”, dropping off the candle at a friend’s house, and going back to your own house.  From the original song, I used the student’s name instead of Willie and changed the wording from “Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown” to “upstairs and downstairs in his (colored) shirt” to help identify the student.

Most of the students placed their houses next door to each other and built a small city while there were a few students who were living in the country with more space.  All the Kangaroos had big smiles as they chose their method of travel around the room to drop off the candle.  N. & N. Kangaroos actually went to the window on the door and knocked on it when I sang that part of the song.  I was so excited that they were so good at waiting at their house for the candlestick to be passed and take turns being “Wee Willie!”






After such good sitting at home, it was time to dance freely with the scarves to Chinese tea music.  J. Kangaroo chose to dance in the middle of the room as a ballerina and wanted to tie the scarf around her as a tutu.  With arms up and tip-toeing, M. Kangaroo shared, “I am dancing in The Nutcracker.”  N. Kangaroo stated, “Make me prince,” asking to tie the scarf around his waist.  Soon, most of the Kangaroos had a scarf tied around their body and they were dancing freely, expressing their inner ballerina, prince, and race-car.  They were so imaginative and creative!








To end the day’s excitement, we turned the scarves into beds to relax and sleep.  Listening to Chakra Chant helped some students focus and relax, while the wind and chimes scared a few students.  M. Kangaroo asked, “Is it a ghost?”  I stated that it sounds like the wind and some branches hitting the window, nothing to be scared of.  With some back-rubs, each student became calm and let their bodies relax to the floor.

It was a flowing colorful scarf day!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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