Firsts: Dance, Song, and Two-Parts

“Me-ow, Me-ow.”  The Seals and Ducks are learning nursery rhymes and they acted out “Three Little Kittens” in music this week.  Wearing kitty-cat masks and mittens/gloves, they sang parts of the song and meowed like a cat with the music.  Great for their pretend play and taking turns to be the meowing cat.













The Parish School will be having their first Chinese New Year parade in February to celebrate Chinese New Year.  The Intra-Curricular Arts Teachers (ICATs) team has chosen China as the culture focus for February.  Students will learn about Chinese culture and Chinese New Year in music, drama, art, library, and P.E.  All Laurel Oak and Post Oak classes are taking Martial Arts classes with me.  Today, I introduced the lion dance and the dragon dance to the Fireflies and the Mustangs.  I explained that many Chinese children train in martial arts and to perform lion dances (typically 2 person dance) and dragon dances (typically 100 people dance).  These dances are to scare away the bad (e.g. whoa thoughts, bad luck, unthinkables) and to bring in good (e.g. good thoughts, good luck, superflex).  I showed them my lion figurine and explained that people hold up the body fabric and dance underneath it as the lion’s feet.  We then did a dragon dance while holding red fabric while I played the drum and castanet.  Each student had a turn to be the head of the dragon.  They were so excited to move around the room together and dance to the music.  It’s going to be a terrific celebration!

The Dragonflies celebrated the new year with the parachute and could not wait to jump with it or go underneath.  Working on following directions, they all loved it when they sat underneath and watched the colors dance above their heads.



All Post Oak classes: Mustangs, Heros, Labs, and Owls are learning the song, “Auld Lang Syne.”  Combining many translations of the song title, it means “old long times.” An Owl student translated, “that means, long time ago.”  It sure does!  Of 39 students, only 3 students have heard the song.   In each class, we analyzed the lyrics and related them to school life.   After the lyric analysis, B. Labs said, “They sing this song on New Year’s after the fireworks.  I saw it on t.v.”  Great connection to the song and event!  The lyrics state that we should not forget our friends from last year’s classes or school and should think about them and our times together.  K. Labs stated, “It is nice to think about your friends because they think about you.”  M. Heros said, “Yeah, we can remember when we did Thriller together.”  The Parish Choir will be singing “Auld Lang Syne” at the Mighty Oak Bash in March.

Two-part harmony, call-and-response, and rounds were the themes of Choir today.  New ideas for a majority of the students, it was a trial session.  I found that they did very well with clapping rhythms in parts while singing two different harmonies was too difficult.  More than half the students sang their first round today of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  One group started singing the song and then the next group sang the sang.  When asked what they thought, several students said it was hard and one said it was awesome.  They have been doing great as a unison team and we are going to explore two parts to challenge them.


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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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