Parachute and Drum Circle!










To celebrate the new year, we had some parachute fun!  The Kangaroos and All-stars wiggled, danced, and shook to the music with the parachute.  When the music stopped, they froze and I called one student to crawl underneath and cross to the other side. While underneath, their eyes were wide with amazement, looking at the colors and how the fabric moved.  They were so excited about dancing and crawling!  At the end of the song, I called for the entire class to go underneath, making a parachute fort.  They did not all fit and had to squeeze in tight to get most of their bodies together.








The Labs and Fireflies experienced their first drum circle today, really working on keeping their voices quiet and listening with their ears.  For some students it was difficult to follow someone’s ideas and imitate them.   It surprised me how much students really enjoy playing instruments on their heads.  S. Fireflies said, “Look, I’m wearing a hat.”  K. Labs said, “Look at me balance.”  They were creative in finding new plays to play their instruments and make new sounds.  P. Fireflies flicked the drum to make a light tapping sound.  B. Fireflies rubbed the drum for a smooth sound.  Each student really enjoyed being the leader when they saw how they controlled the group’s sound by how they played.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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