Performance Day 1 and Holiday Trivia

Performance Day: Preschool Program for the entire school.
The All-Stars, Dragonflies, and Kangaroos dressed in their costumes, stood on the black line, looked out at the audience, and stared at the 100 faces of students and teachers who were watching them.  Few students sang while their classmates continued to look out at the sea of faces.  They were superstars on following directions of walking on stage, standing on black line, bowing, and walking off stage. (Sweet!)  There were no escape artists, criers, or tantrum throwers.  (Whew!!) With each song, the classes began to be comfortable on stage and were more audible than the previous group. Being my first Preschool Program, I did not know what to expect from these 3-5 year old students.  Teachers comforted me in saying they will sing out and perform when their parents are in the audience tomorrow.  Some students were sad that their parents were not in the audience today, so as a motivator for tomorrow’s show, I will talk to them about singing out so Mom’s and Dad’s can hear them or else Mom’s and Dad’s may be sad that they cannot hear them sing.

With the Heros, we played a holiday trivia game with carols.  Students were divided into three teams and given paper and marker.  Working on sportsmanship and teamwork, students had to keep their answers a secret from the other team and work together to write down the answer (spelling did not count!).  Not only were students supportive of their teammates, they were supportive of the other teams and were helpful in giving extra clues and extra time for guessing.
I wrote 23 carols on index cards and had a student pick a card for each round.  Students had to name that tune, finish the phrase, fill-in-the-blank, or name a tune with a certain object (e.g. snow, Santa) throughout the game.  They had a blast and were so excited that they knew the answer!  Even when they did not know the answer, the students were resilience and bounce back right into the next question.  They definitely demonstrated flexibility and ability to handle disappointment.  They even asked to play it again next week for the 11 carols that we did not get through today.  Great music game to work on their memory/recall, communication, emotional, fine motor, and peer interaction skills.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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