Success: Singing, Relaxation, and Drawing

“Line up.  Walk on stage. Stand on the piece of tape on the black line.  Eyes on Hilary. Sing. 1,2,3 bow.”  Our social story for my first all class Preschool Program rehearsal.  I have been thinking about this rehearsal for the last two weeks and was so excited to finally see 30 students perform the finale of “I’d Like to Teach the World (to Sing).”  It warmed my heart!

The Kangaroos, All-Stars, and Dragonflies experienced their first all class Preschool Program rehearsal on the library stage.  With our pep talk from the words above, each class excitedly walked quickly on stage to sing with hand signs.  Their songs came to with life and you could feel their energy.  Kudos to a few students who sang their songs completely focused with all the right movements timed with the words.  The Kangaroos learned their hand signs today and they were fantastic in copying and following me.  The All-Stars demonstrated how well they knew the song and students who usually sang a few words sang the entire song.  The Dragonflies’ diction was impressive with clear words, lightness to the melody, and beautiful choir blend.

For the finale, it was their first time on the stage risers and they were struck by the novelty of the height and view.  They all tried to climb onto the top step and were wandering onto different parts of the stage.  It was a bit chaotic to get their attention.    Once they focused and the music started, they sang with genuineness and enthusiasm.  The students have budding stage presence and know how to rehearse a song properly!  Teachers tell me that they sing their songs all over the playground, walking between buildings, and at home.  They are future concert singers!  Our “Peace Around the World” program shows on Tuesday, December 6th for the school and Wednesday, December 7th for parents.  After rehearsal, I decided to place tape markers on the risers to hopefully help them focus on staying on one place and see how many spots are on a riser step.

I added “listening to music” as a relaxation time for students in September.  Students have grown to love it and request it.  I put on “Chakra Chants” and have students sit in their chairs or lay on the floor.  Either way, I ask them to close their eyes, focus on breathing, and let their body relax.  It is okay to fall asleep and some students have done so.  The Labs found a new way to position their bodies today when I told them they would relax in chairs.  They sat backwards on their chairs and let their heads rest on the back on the chair atop of their folded arms.  Today was one of the best relaxation time when they were quiet and focused.  The hyper energy level dropped and they left music calmer, focused, and less chatter.

“Presents under the Christmas tree.”  The Fireflies learned how to draw triangles and connect them to make a Christmas tree.  Some of them were so proud that they were able to do it that they ran around the room to celebrate!  In addition to their tree, they drew what they wanted for Christmas.  Most students drew toys of stuffed animals, Legos, and games.  One student pointed to her picture and said “I want a baby sister for Christmas.”  You never know if Santa will deliver one under the tree!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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