Post-Thanksgiving: Time for Christmas.

“No, Thanksgiving is over. It’s time for Christmas.” says one six-year-old student. November is barely over and the students are ready to leave it behind and move to Christmas.  They are thinking ahead with all the Christmas tree decorating in their own homes.

The Bears and Elephants class had a “jingle bell” full music session.  I was told I had a red “stock” and it “jingle bells.”  Going around the group, they touched the velvety softness, squeezed the stocking, and shook the stocking.  Each student was so excited to reach their hand into the stocking and see what they got.  Immediately, they excitedly played the bells.  We hopped, danced, walked, tip-toed, and sang Jingle Bells, with these bells.  By the end of the session, they were a bit “jingled out!”  We definitely had lots of fun jingling around the room.

Before getting to the stocking and bells, the Busy-Bees class worked on “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” for the Winter Sing-A-Long.  Intently listening to a book version of the song, they were able to sing a cappella most of the song with a few strong leaders!  They even correlated Rudolph to being the line leader of all the reindeer and the light monitor leader.  Great connections to their own classroom jobs that they can relate to!  I was so impressed!

The Wranglers braved a stage Winter Sing-A-Long rehearsal and were led by one stronger leader who belted out the words to “The Dreidel Song.”  His enthusiasm for music was matched by another student who said he would play the song on his piano when he got home.  We then made our own dreidels out of paper.  When they realized that a dreidel made of paper was not as strong as a dreidel made of clay, they kept putting more tape on it to make it stronger.  “It’s bent and does not hold.” says one student.  We even made our own song: “I have a little dreidel.  I made it out of paper, and when it’s cut, taped and ready.  Then dreidel I shall play.  Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel.  I made it out of paper, and when it’s cut, taped and ready.  Then dreidel I shall play.”  They were mesmerized by its spinning and were playing their dreidel all over the music room across all furniture!

Though it rarely snows in Houston, the Ants knew much about one snowman, Frosty.  After reviewing the lyrics and practicing them on stage for the Winter Sing-A-Long, we spent some time drawing out the song.  We talked about the specifics of Frosty’s composition and his surroundings.  They then each drew their own interpretations while listening to a YouTube recording of the song.  Each student used several different colors for Frosty’s body and even made a pond next to him.  One student sneakily drew buttons and put red markings on my picture to indicate that I forgot something.  They sure love to draw!

What a busy first day back to school after the week-long Thanksgiving break!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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